How to use medical disposable medical protective clothing

Today, I will share how to classify the disposable syringes that have been used. According to the application, the disposable syringes can also be divided into three types: more serious pollution, general pollution and basically no pollution. For disposable syringes with different pollution levels, the correct treatment methods are also different, so how is the classification actually carried out? The disposable syringe manufacturer Guangdong Hongjian Medical Equipment will introduce to you immediately:


1. Disposable syringes with serious pollution: those that are in direct contact with the blood of patients, such as those used for blood tests, chest fluids, liver ascites, etc., because the blood of patients is a potential source of infection.

2. Generally polluted single-use syringes: that is, only part of the needle tube is a syringe that has been in contact with the patient, such as commonly used drug injection and drip, and some syringes that are usually hung with anti-inflammatory water.

3. Basically non-polluting disposable syringes: those that do not come into direct contact with patients are usually classified as non-polluting disposable syringes, such as those used in the process of dosing and changing dressings. situation.

This is the classification of disposable syringes. If you want to solve the problem, you can this. The disposable syringe manufacturer Guangdong Hongjian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of various dispensing machines, medical protective clothing, drainage tubes, drainage bags, Enterprises that use disposable medical consumables such as negative pressure drainage devices and dissolving syringes. Welcome to consult and understand.